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Address: 707 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 4360, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Phone: 213-891-1592

Fax: 213-891-0992

Email: todanusa@todan.co.jp


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As our pricing is dependent on order quantity and product customization required,

please contact us at tdu@todan.co.jp for details on pricing.





Todan USA is a subsidiary of Todan Company, Ltd. of Japan, founded in 1903 as a Japanese fan manufacturing company. Since fans were primarily a summer item, in the winter Todan sold calendars. Over time, fan sales were overtaken by calendars and today, Todan has become not only one of Japan’s oldest calendar companies, but one of its largest as well.

In 2003, Todan USA, Inc. was founded in the state of California and we are making steady progress with calendar sales and company awareness in the United States.

The motto of Todan is "Lead a rich life, have a rich heart," and therefore we strive to create products that enrich the lives and hearts of our customers. Through our dedication to this philosophy, we hope to continue to contribute to the advancement of culture in our society.


TODAN USAは日本の㈱トーダンのグループ会社です。
㈱トーダンは1903年に東京団扇合名会社として創業されました。 当時、商売の主力は団扇(うちわ)の製造卸で、閑散期の冬にはカレンダーの卸売りを行なっていました。しかし団扇の商売は縮小していき、事業の主体は次第にカレンダーに移っていきます。

カレンダーの専門メーカーとなってからは独自のデザイン、 高品質な商品を開発するため企画部門を設け、オリジナリティー溢れる商品を次々に発表し、 デザインと実用性の融合をテーマに業界をリードしています。
㈱トーダンは、「くらしを豊かに、こころを豊かに」という会社理念をもとに製品化し提供することで、 社会文化に貢献する企業として役立つことを願っています。

TODAN USAは2003年にカルフォルニア州で設立され、アメリカ市場でのトーダンカレンダー販売を担っています。

名入れカレンダーのお見積り・ご注文を希望される方、 小売りカレンダーの販売を検討される方、 カレンダーの代理店を希望される方、 お気軽に日本でお問い合わせください。





All of our calendars are designed by our in-house designers, and manufactured at Todan's dedicated calendar factory in Ibaraki, Japan. While many promotional calendars are little better than dollar-store quality, Todan prides itself on it's premium quality calendars. From beginning to end, our calendars are designed and produced by our own staff, ensuring that our products are held to the utmost highest standard. 


Todan, founded in 1903, is one of Japan’s oldest and largest calendar companies and is widely recognized as a leader in calendar innovation, functionality and quality. We're able to use our experience in the calendar industry to design and produce calendars that have been loved across several generations in Japan. ​


Todan's CEO & President, Kunio Kowaguchi, is an avid calendar collector, and his collection of over 1000 calendars is displayed at Todan's Calendar Museum in Ibaraki, Japan. Our collection ranges from antique, historic calendars to currently trending items. In addition, our Product team frequently travels globally, consistently looking for new product ideas. By attending trade shows and conventions globally, and visiting local shops, our team gains exposure to different cultures and global trends so that we can always stay current. Our extensive calendar collection and business trips around the world help drive Todan's designers to constantly think outside the box, and design innovative products our customers love.